Changing tides: Forevermark to undergo another rebrand

Changing tides: Forevermark to undergo another rebrand - Artificial Jewellery

The De Beers Group has confirmed that Forevermark will cease supplying loose diamonds and shift to becoming a jewellery brand.

The brand will stop using the De Beers name, reversing a rebrand from three years ago, and operate its own brand-only stores. The transition will begin in April 2024 and is expected to be complete by January 2026.

In a letter to retail partners, De Beers stated that Forevermark will transition to exclusively selling finished jewellery. The brand previously supplied loose diamonds to retailers.

“Forevermark has played an integral role in advancing the marketing and retailing of natural diamonds since its inception in 2008,” the letter reads.

“As we continue to evolve the brand for a commercially successful future, we have decided that, from January 2026, Forevermark will be refocused only as a jewellery brand.”

From January 2026, Forevermark jewellery will be sold exclusively in franchised and wholly owned stores, rather than as products sold wholesale to retailers.

David Johnson, head of strategic communication at De Beers, told Rapaport News that India would be a key focus during the rebrand and said the company has no plans to sell the Forevermark brand.

“There’s a really strong recognition of the Forevermark name in India. It’s done really well as a brand there,” Johnson said.

“There’s often a lot of interest in what Forevermark is doing in the country. It’s a place where we’re seeing good performance for consumer demand for natural diamonds generally.”

He continued: “We’ve been looking at our strategy across the De Beers business. Part of that has been looking at our downstream and retail-facing activities and considering how best to progress in that direction.”

The Forevermark brand was launched in Australia by De Beers in 2013 with Storch & Co acquiring local distribution rights, with the products sold through ‘authorised jewellers’ including Diamonds International (Brisbane), as well as Percy Marks and Musson Jewellers (Sydney). Mazzucchelli’s was named an authorised jeweller later that year.

Available in more than 2,000 store worldwide today, the brand was initially launched in 2008.

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