Dazzling watch sets new world record

Dazzling watch sets new world record - Artificial Jewellery

An ambitious jeweller in northern India is the proud owner of a new world record for the most diamonds to be set on a watch.

Renani Jewels, a jeweller from Meerut, has unveiled a watch featuring 17,512 dazzling white diamonds and 12 black diamonds.

Described as a ‘watch of good fortunes’, the timepiece has been named ‘Srinkia’. It’s a title derived from ancient Indian mythology which directly translates to ‘flower’.

Renani Jewels founder Harshit Banal said that it was a project which required exhaustive planning.

“The whole team has worked really hard for months and this watch was created with so much passion and greatness. One should always seek for new challenges in life,” he said.

“I look forward to new technologies that we can merge with traditional methods of jewellery making. I believe that this technology will make the impossible, possible.”

The creation of the watch began with hand-drawn sketches and designs before CAD (computer-assisted design) technology was used to print the watch. The diamonds were then meticulously set in place before extensive polishing completed the project.

The end product is a stunning watch that weighs 373 grams and is wearable.

The record was verified by officials from Guinness World Records in December. As part of the process, the diamonds were authenticated by the International Gemological Institute.

The record was previously held by Aaron Shum Jewelry, a business based in Hong Kong. That watch captured the record in December of 2018 and featured 15,858 diamonds.




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