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To make all varied types of polished diamonds, certified and parcel, accessible online around the world and to design a simple online platform where jewellers can buy and receive diamonds with a single click.

» Why should jewellery retailers consider using Diamonds On Call? Diamonds On Call | Retail in the Cloud - Artificial Jewellery

We function as a real-time virtual window between diamond sellers and buyers, bridging the gaps in the jewellery supply chain.

Diamonds On Call is a business-to-Retailers diamond e-commerce platform and the winner of the JWA Industry Innovation Award for 2021. Our web portal allows jewellers, diamond retailers and buyers across the world purchase diamonds from suppliers with a single click. 

We are an ecosystem of more than 20 DTC sight holders, 700-plus diamond manufacturers and 1500-plus retailers and jewellers  facilitating transactions every day for natural and lab-created diamonds.

» What benefits can your business offer jewellery stores? 

Our portal carries a live inventory of millions of stones, where the jewellers find their perfect match and place orders. 

We offer transparent pricing, with no hidden cost or registration fees. Compare prices offered by suppliers. The inventory is live and members can purchase or hold diamonds  in real- time. 

We offer exclusive CRM support with 24/7 access to a dedicated manager as per the preferred time zone. 

Diamonds On Call also carries complete supply management – we take care from A to Z; from sourcing, ordering to quality assurance and delivery.

» What unique benefits does your business offer that your competitors cannot? 

Buyers can choose to keep all their orders under one invoice or shipment, as per their requirement with consolidated invoicing and shipping.

Our experts physically examine all the diamond including eye-clean and with no BGM as a part of an independent quality check. 

We adhere to a one-time KYC filing policy that saves a lot of effort and time of jewellers from filing documents for each and every supplier they deal with on our platform.

Full logistical support is an important aspect of our platform, with full assurance of safety and security we provide door-to- door insurance. 

Diamonds On Call’s API integration and plugin allows purchasers to hold and confirm orders using right from their website.

» Describe the typical user of Diamonds On Call?

Jewellers, retailers and manufacturers, jewellery designers and chains of jewellery stores dealing exclusively in diamond jewellery pieces. We cater to jewellers primarily based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, along with buyers from South-East Asia and Europe.

» Are there options for integration with existing software?  

Yes – our exclusive API integration and plugin options let users on Jewellers’ website search, hold and buy diamonds from our inventory, directly. Plugins are easily configurable to match the jewellers’ website needs. The API is then developed to integrate and customise in various coding languages such as PHP, Python, Magento, JAVA and the likes.

» How does pricing work on your platform? 

There are no charges, upfront or hidden, to register with us. We believe that every jeweller should have free access to diamond-listing so that they can focus on creating exquisite pieces. They can log on to Diamonds On Call for free and access our live inventory.  

We are proud of our transparent pricing structure whereby any buyer can check the supplier’s price and ours and see how buying from our platform is inexpensive. Over that, it is always cheaper to purchase and get diamonds delivered with Diamonds On Call.

Furthermore, buying diamonds from our portal is always cost-effective because of the high negotiation power we possess topped with consolidated shipments and a single invoice structure.

» Does your business offer demonstrations?  

Any jeweller can simply visit our website and request a demo. A dedicated relationship manager from our sales team will get in touch with them at their convenience, in the working hours of their time zone and take them through the workings of the website as well as the mobile app.

» Can your software offer API integration and if so, how does that take place? 

Yes – directly visit the website, choose the ‘Diamond Feed Connect’ option i.e., API or plug-in and one of our dedicated personnel from the CRM team will contact you to understand your requirements and along with an IT team member, will help you setup the API or plugin. Once the integration is done, the jewellers will only have to deal with one feed format for accessing the entire live inventory. They can choose to filter in or out any supplier’s inventory specifically as per their preference and can also has multiple filters to stream down the options and create a customised feed to be displayed on their website.

» What specific functions on your platform help jewellers sell more diamonds?  

There are several answers to this question, but the most fetching is that we provide security, convenience and comprehensive solutions. Moreover, a jeweller significantly saves time and money while working with us. Our offerings include but are not limited to; a vast collection of diamonds in the live inventory, effortless coordination and free registration, easy access to ready-to-sell diamonds from around the world, quick delivery, consolidated shipment and invoicing, so they can focus on making jewellery instead of procurement of diamonds.

» Any additional comment or information you’d like to share about your business?  

We recently celebrated five years of operation and have sold 20,000  diamonds so far. We have a well-structure operations team of experts who perform quality checks on shipments. 

Diamonds On Call is proud to possess a well-maintained network of suppliers including DTC sight holders. After catering to several jewellers worldwide, we are now locally present in Australia to serve the jewellers here, better. We love to innovate and would be coming up with some dashing new technological  tools and features that’ll help jewellers’ boost their businesses.

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