GIA returns to printed diamond dossiers amid backlash

GIA returns to printed diamond dossiers amid backlash - Artificial Jewellery

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has responded swiftly to industry criticism over the decision to issue digital grading reports, confirming a return to paper certification.

In June of 2022 the GIA confirmed a move towards a ‘paperless’ operation.

In recent weeks members of the diamond trade have expressed their displeasure to the new system, with customers accustomed to paper certificates reportedly unhappy, while others said they were concerned that the process was susceptible to abuse.

On 7 April the GIA responded to the feedback, announcing a return to printed certificates from 9 April onwards.

Customers who received a digital report over the past few months can request a paper version at no cost.

“We did not adequately anticipate the challenges of adopting the digital-only GIA Diamond Dossier report,” said GIA senior vice president Pritesh Patel.

“GIA will continue to provide the printed reports that enhance consumer trust, while working to develop robust, secure, and compelling digital versions of all our reports.”

New GIA, De Beers partnership

De Beers has signed the GIA to its Tracr platform, enabling the laboratory to issue enhanced grading reports for polished diamonds documented by the blockchain service.

The stated aim of the collaboration is to further improve consumer confidence in the ‘ethical’ origins of ‘natural’ diamonds.

“As the issue of diamond provenance rapidly increases in importance for stakeholders across the diamond value chain, having immutable data about a diamond’s journey from the source on grading reports is a major step forward and will underpin consumer confidence,” said De Beers acting vice president Ryan Perry.

Patel added that solidifying public confidence in diamond products was at the core of the GIA’s ‘consumer-protection mission’.

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