Global ambition: Diamond certification company tackling climate change

The environmental impact of the lab-created diamond industry is an important point of contention for many consumers and retailers.

Lab-created diamonds are often touted as the ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ alternative to natural diamonds; however, critics have suggested otherwise and accused the industry of ‘greenwashing’.

Earlier this year, research from the Natural Diamond Council highlighted the significant amount of electricity required to produce lab-created diamonds.

China and India produce more than 60 per cent of the world’s supply of lab-created diamonds. In China, 63 per cent of electricity is generated from coal, and in India, that figure sits at 74 per cent.

“The environmental sustainability of lab-created diamonds isn’t clear-cut and depends on mining and production techniques,” writes Amber Schultz of the Sydney Morning Herald.

“One 2019 report found that mined diamonds produced 69 per cent less CO2 per carat than lab-created diamonds. For companies that use renewable energy, lab-created diamonds can have a fraction of the carbon footprint of mined diamonds.”

Taking a new approach

A new company has been established to address some of these issues.

Based in Melbourne, Clear Neutral offers an independent certification program to verify that lab-created diamonds are carbon neutral. Its aim is to ensure that jewellery retailers can speak confidently when addressing customers’ concerns about the environmental impact of lab-created diamonds.

The company has created a rigorous verification process, which includes calculating the energy required to create each diamond. The estimated carbon emissions are then offset through a network of renewable energy programs.

Global ambition: Diamond certification company tackling climate change - Artificial JewelleryClear Neutral marketing director Noah Cher told Jeweller that by displaying the company’s logo on their products, retailers and manufacturers can confidently inform their customers that their diamonds have been produced with minimal environmental impact.

“Greenwashing harms genuine environmental efforts. At Clear Neutral, we prioritise authenticity. Every diamond we certify is accompanied by a comprehensive report confirming its carbon-neutral status,” he explains.

“Our certification isn’t merely a seal; it’s a promise anchored in rigorous data and genuine intent. Through our proprietary system, we measure the carbon footprint during various stages, even considering factors like stone size, country of origin, and growth type.”

Cher says Clear Neutral’s strategy has four key components – beginning with an independent assessment of the carbon footprint of partner companies. The company emphasises transparency during this process, and all parties have access to pertinent information.

The company advocates for sound environmental practices as an impartial third party in the relationship between suppliers and retailers. Finally, Clear Neutral connects businesses with practical carbon offset projects to mitigate climate change.

“Our future vision is ambitious. While we’ve successfully established ourselves in Australia, we aim for a global footprint,” he explained.

“We stand unique in offering carbon neutrality exclusively for lab-created diamonds. Our goal is to make every lab-created diamond synonymous with carbon neutrality, regardless of its origin. Clear Neutral’s next phase focuses on global expansion and strengthening partnerships aligned with our sustainable mission.”

Clear Neutral provides marketing materials to be used in physical stores and online.

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