Lightbox launches loose lab-created diamonds for consumers

Lightbox launches loose lab-created diamonds for consumers - Artificial Jewellery

Lightbox Jewelry, the De Beers-owned lab-created diamond jewellery business, has launched new product category Lightbox Loose Stones, which enables consumers to purchase individual Lightbox white, pink, or blue lab-grown diamonds at its standardised price of $US800 per carat.

Lightbox introduced loose stone sales following an increase in consumer demand for custom design – particularly from the female self-purchase demographic.

The loose lab-grown diamonds are showcased on the website alongside one-of-a-kind finished pieces – which are designed to act as an ‘inspiration board’ – and a list of jewellers specialising in custom design work.

Steve Coe, CEO Lightbox Jewelry, said, “From the beginning, we have had enquiries from consumers who see our lab-grown diamonds – with their unbeatable price, great quality, and range of colour – as an opportunity to explore their creativity, making something that is unique to them.”

He added, “We are thrilled to launch this exciting new concept that offers a simple and accessible way to create fun and affordable, custom-designed lab-grown diamond fashion jewellery using our colorful array of stones.

Lightbox Loose will open up a world of possibilities for a broad range of consumers to experiment with customisation, personalisation and creative design.”

The stones are available in sizes up to 2 carats, round brilliant or princess cut, via the Lightbox website. However, they are currently only available to US customers – unlike the broader Lightbox range, which ships internationally, including to Australia.

The announcement explained that the “concept evolved as the company saw a growing demand from customers, particularly women self-purchasers, looking for bespoke design options.

“To make the process simple and approachable, Lightbox developed a seamless online purchase and referral experience. Shoppers can easily select and buy individual Lightbox lab-grown diamonds, peruse original custom designs, and browse a vetted list of established jewelers known for their custom design work.”

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