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Design your own bespoke wedding ring or unique couples set. Start with a ring setting then customise the shape, features and stones. Your beautiful creation will be uniquely yours!

» Why should jewellery retailers become a partner with Livadi?Livadi | Retail in the Cloud - Artificial Jewellery

Livadi offers unprecedented levels of innovation to our partners through cutting-edge technology.

At the same time, targeted towards nurturing the sentimentality and personal nature of something as precious and important as wedding bands.

Other important factors are the sheer ease at which retailers are able to create bespoke rings with the 3D configurator, as well as the interactive interface that can be used collaboratively in-store or online with your customers. The configurator’s unprecedented capacity for personalisation includes the ability to engrave anniversaries and inscriptions into your designs.

» What benefits can your business offer jewellery stores?

Livadi takes pride in our ability to take the logistical burden away from business owners.

We believe in jewellers building strong personal connections with their customers, having the time and space to identify how they can improve their business.

It’s about creating the opportunity for these businesses to focus on the tasks that will generate a greater commercial outcome, which can be difficult when you’re negotiating the logistics of manufacturing bespoke jewellery.

With Livadi, it is possible to be fully present in your business and with your customers, while ensuring that the highest-quality, bespoke wedding bands are available and carefully handcrafted.

» What unique benefits does your business offer that your competitors cannot?

All Livadi products are made with 100 per cent Australian gold and ethically sourced, sustainable metals, this is an industry first and something that can be exclusively offered by Livadi.

As concerns regarding sustainability continue to mount in industry, Livadi stands resolute in our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Additionally, all Livadi wedding bands are made from one piece of metal, creating an extremely durable, continuous wedding band.

It’s worth noting that Livadi creations are completely hand-finished. We want each piece to be considered a miniature work
of art, and so each Livadi piece is created by masters of craft – people who are proud to create objects of beauty.

The hope is that the piece will be enjoyed by their wearer and their descendants to come. As we like to say, it’s this design ethos that makes every Livadi piece so special.

Conceptually, the rings both symbolically and functionally reflect the lifelong commitment and connection associated with marriage. 

» Since Livadi was launched what changes have been made to the platform?

In June of 2022, Livadi launched our revolutionary 3D Configurator, which allows clients to customise, design, and create their unique Livadi ring, with 3D rendered visuals that show their creation in real-time.

The render created can then speak to the internal Livadi manufacturing systems, and the ring can be handcrafted and delivered within 14 days. It is a game changer in the industry, and for Livadi stockists.

The Configurator was one of our key innovation projects during COVID and is by far our most significant change to
our online platforms.

» Describe the typical user of Livadi?

While we believe Livadi is a brand for anyone and everyone, unified by our belief in marriage and celebrating love, Livadi is for anyone considering or preparing to take the exciting step toward marriage.

We foresee a huge interest from customers, who typically value bespoke, meaningful and quality jewellery that can be customised and personalised as desired.

» Does your business offer demonstrations? 

At the recent International Jewellery Fair in Sydney, the Livadi digital 3D configurator and platform were a huge success. Additionally, we regularly demonstrate Livadi with buying groups.

Anyone who interested in a demonstration is encouraged to get in contact via email [] for more information or to book an instore demonstration.

» Any additional comment or information you’d like to share about your business?

Palloys see technology as an enabler in the jewellery industry.

Innovation and technological advancements support customer engagement and build business efficiencies; it improves systems and processes without compromising the artistry and sentimentality associated with jewellery, particularly wedding bands.

We believe in supporting jewellers as artists and craftspeople and believe that technology like the 3D Configurator can help actualise this focus while simultaneously building wider business success.

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