Major rebrand for iconic Australian business

Major rebrand for iconic Australian business - Artificial Jewellery

After more than four decades of operation, the Peter W Beck Company has to undergone a major rebrand, becoming BECKS.

Peter Beck founded the Peter W Beck Company in 1979 alongside his wife of 42 years, Ann Beck.

The pair worked tirelessly over 40 years, developing the business into an ambitious market-leading provider of precious metals products and services.

Ann Beck passed away in September of 2021 and Peter in December of the same year.

Labelling the move as an ‘evolution’, the business will now rebrand as BECKS, and managing director Greville Ingham it’s a move aiming to both acknowledge the past and prepare for the future.

“Peter Beck built our business to always be and to become a family business,” Ingham said.

“Carol, Jenni and I have worked at various stages of our lives with Peter and always knew at some point we would all end up together as part of Peter’s succession plan. Our transition to Becks reflects upon the fact that we are now in all ways truly the manifestation of a family business and we felt that should be reflected in our brand.

“Becks pays homage to our father who built an incredibly successful Australian precious metals business and also acknowledges the change we have in leadership.”

The PW Beck Company has long been praised for its willingness to change with the times, particularly when it comes to adopting and making the most of emerging technologies.

Ingham said the company will continue to remain flexible, while also keeping the core principles, particularly that of loyalty, in place.

“[This is] evolution, definitely not revolution! We have incredibly loyal supporters in the industry,” he said.

“We do everything here using Australian labour, right down to refining our platinum and palladium, setting our stones, drafting our CAD designs and alloying our metals. Our support of the industry, and our desire to promote growth and education for the benefit of the industry will not change. We want to remain relevant not just as a supplier but also as a builder and contributor to opportunity within the jewellery and precious metals industry.

He added: “Our new product development will head in a slightly different direction, the emphasis on being environmentally and socially responsible will heighten under a younger generation, certainly our stationery is about to change!”

Ingham also emphasised the importance of remaining uniquely Australian and utilising domestic resources at every stage possible.

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