World Federation of Diamond Bourses logo deleted by Jewelclaim

The logo of a third international organisation, The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), has been removed from the website of Jewelclaim, a private business owned by Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA) president, Rami Baron.

In an apparent about-face, the WFDB intellectual property suddenly disappeared from along with the supporting text: “The Australian Jewellers Consortium [Jewelclaim] maintains a direct relationship the WFDB. This global pool of knowledge and experience is priceless.”

As previously reported, Jeweller became aware that the marks and logos of three international jewellery industry organisations were being used without permission to promote one of Baron’s many private businesses.

Baron is on the WFDB executive committee – courtesy of being president of the DDCA – and is chair of the WFDB’s promotion committee.

An email to Baron on Friday 12 August raising questions as to why the logos of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) and WFDB appeared on the website of his business, when said business was not a member of any of the organisations, was unanswered.

Following the publication of an article on 14 August titled ‘Mystery behind the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia’, the GIA and CIBJO logos were deleted from the Jewelclaim website without explanation.

However, the WFDB logo along with the promotional text remained on the website.

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Despite Jewelclaim not being member of the WFDB, head of public relations Sharon Gefen indicated that the organisation sanctioned its use because: “Rami Baron is a valued member of the WFDB executive committee, and is in close contact with the organisation.”

“We see no problem in his [Baron] mentioning that fact on the Jewelclaim website,” Gefen confirmed.


Despite the WFDB’s explanation more than one week ago, its logo and the accompanying promotional text now appear to have been deleted as recently as yesterday.

Since initially contacting Baron about the DDCA, he has remained silent, choosing not to explain a number of issues about the operation of the DDCA. Basic questions such as the precise membership number have been ignored.

A number of other questions about the member-based organisation also remain unanswered.

For example, Baron has been president of the DDCA for 14 of its 15 year existence and there is confusion as to why the DDCA was registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) only last year. 

Paradoxically, the WFDB logo appeared on the Jewelclaim website page titled: ‘Statement by Managing Director Rami Baron’, and which reads, “Relationships are based on trust and results; they are strengthened over time when both parties communicate to constantly improve and develop processes.”

The WFDB has indicated that it will respond to Jeweller’s questions when its office re-opens after the summer holidays.


BEFORE & AFTER & after

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Jewelclaim’s website 12th August.

World Federation of Diamond Bourses logo deleted by Jewelclaim - Artificial Jewellery


Jewelclaim’s website 16th August.

World Federation of Diamond Bourses logo deleted by Jewelclaim - Artificial Jewellery


Jewelclaim’s website 25th August.

World Federation of Diamond Bourses logo deleted by Jewelclaim - Artificial Jewellery



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